Organizations & Enterprises

One of the most important benefits any organization can provide is the health benefit. With the rising health insurance costs, it’s harder for most organizations, including small and medium size employers to offer health insurance. With ideal Health Plan, you can now offer discount health plan to your employees/members. Members can get discounts on health care services at any participating providers in our network, including pharmacies, physiotherapy, radiology centers, labs, hospitals, nursing homes super specialty centers, dentists, ophthalmologists, homeopathy clinics, Ayurvedic centers etc., to meet all their healthcare needs.

Also, organizations can also offer the preventive care health plans, which includes annual exam blood & urine test plus doctor’s consultation and the employees/members can take advantage of the tax deduction up to Rs 5,000 under Section 80D Income Tax Act 1961.

Organizations have the option to pay for the plan or have the employees register for the plans on their own. To start offering Ideal Health Plans to your employees/members, you can register your organization online. Once you signup, we will contact you to setup your account and add your employees / members.

If you need more information, please reach us by email at or call us at 1800 425 8250 or WhatsApp to +91 910 026 7878.