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What is Ideal Health Plan ?


Ideal Health Plan is a discount health plan and not a health insurance plan. Ideal Health Plan offers multiple health plans, which are affordable and offer discount for preventive care, outpatient care, medications, diagnostic testing, and hospital procedures. Also, Read more…

  • Get Individual Health Plan starting at just Rs. 1/day
  • Save thousands in your healthcare costs
  • Save 10 – 50% on all your medical bills
  • Get free discount coupons by downloading the app
  • Claim up to Rs. 5,000 in tax deductions

Search Health Care Provider

To search for a provider please select your State and use additional options to narrow down your search. Also, you can search by a specific health care provider name too.

If you do not see any specific provider that you are looking for or don’t have any health care providers in your area listed, please use the “Recommend a Provider” form or “Contact Us” form and provide your details and the provider name (doctor, hospital, etc) so that we can reach out to them and try to enroll them in our participating provider network immediately. Once any new provider in your area is enrolled, we will contact you so that explore signing up for any available plans.

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